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The Shadow People

Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye ? Like something moving really fast. A lot of people claim that these creatures are called “shadow people”. Most sitings have been through the peripheral vision because when you stare at them directly they disappear. Although there have been cases where people have seen them directly for a good amount of time.

No one really knows what this is. Whether it’s just your imagination, a ghost, or a dark being. A user from reddit who hunts for paranormal creatures says that you can attract them by having a messy room, because they like chaos. You stare at something fixed, and out of the corner of your eye you may see beings move. 

He claims that shadow people are usually 4-5 ft tall and aren’t harmful. But he warns that if you see something 6-7ft tall then that’s not a harmless shadow person, it’s something demonic.

Play at your own risk. 

let’s bring this back and make everyone on tumblr go clean their rooms

I literally looked around my room and said oh shit

I swear to god if my parents told me this shit i would clean my room asap

god dammit

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ever notice how there are no adults in WWE? that’s because WWE is actually purgatory. it’s all in vince mcmahon’s imagination. he never had parents to provide for him so he imagined the rock, who always had something cooking for him. the undertaker is how vince copes with the inevitability of death. also vince is in a coma

but John Cena is like 30 something

ever notice how john cena says “you can’t see me”? that’s because john cena is actually a ghost. he’s also vince’s conscience, reminding him to never give up. never stop trying to wake from your coma, vince

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